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латте (фото)

Дом как крепость...

Дом как идеал уюта...

Этот проект был выполнен для семейной пары, для которой дом  и его наполнение очень важно!

Теплые краски, современные материалы и технологии использованы в данном проекте.

Проект реализован!


Квартира проектировалась для временного пребывания. Лозунг - "Удобная гостиница"...

Но и она должна быть уютной и функциональной.

Предусмотрены много зон и мест хранения. Удобный просторный санузел тоже добавит комфорта пребывания.

Ассоциации - жемчужина в ракушке на побережье!..

новая жизнь

Квартира обновлялась, не было глобального ремонта.

Мы освежили стены поменяв цвет, заменили светильники и добавили новые технические решения.
Заменили частично мебель и текстиль.
Так тоже можно!)


Дом как крепость...

Дом как идеал уюта...

Этот проект был выполнен для семейной пары, для которой дом  и его наполнение очень важно!

Теплые краски, современные материалы и технологии использованы в данном проекте.



Что нужно для йоги?

Эргономика до сантиметра!




И это ВСЁ здесь есть!)


Чем сложнее задача, тем интереснее работа!..

Данный проект для нескольких поколений.

Помимо личного пространства для каждого члена семьи, нужно было предусмотреть несколько рабочих зон, так как практически все учатся или работают дома.

Нам удалось это сделать!

Более того, пространство получилось уютным, нежным, домашним и очень современным!

северное сияние

Старый фонд Москвы...30 кв.м.

Квартира в кирпичном доме и знакомая всем изначально планировка может превратиться вполне в современное пространство.

Квартира разработана для молодого человека.

Функциональное пространство с оригинальной спальной зоной и настенной стиральной машиной получилось для жизни!


Сложный, но тем и интересный проект. 

Высота потолков чуть более 4 метров дает много интересных возможностей!

Стеклянная галерея ведет в кабинет, спальное гостевое место и гардеробную.

Да и просто там постоять доставит удовольствие!

Вид то какой получился!)))

pink wind

A project for a young girl who has started an independent life.

Her feminine nature is reflected in soft shades of ash pink.

Its strong character is reflected in the textures and graphite accents in the interior.

As a rule, such projects are in contrast, they turn out to be the most successful and stylish.

studio apart

Apartments are becoming more and more popular. This is a kind of freedom, as well as business.

This project was developed for a young man who does not want to be bound by life restrictions.

Today he is "here" and "now".

The image of an expensive hotel room was a priority in the development of this project.

It has everything for the life of an active person: a kitchenette, a cozy bed and a living area.

It is based on durable and practical materials.

bright accents

The apartment is designed in a modern style with bright, life-affirming accents.

The use of rare veneers and materials gives  chic and warmth to the interior. Each space is worked out individually for everyone, but does not lose the general concept.

flower mood

The first apartment ... it is always touching and requires a special reverent approach.

The interior was created for a young girl in a floral theme and powdery shades.


What associations can there be with the fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland"? We approached this in an abstract and very figurative way. 

Instead of a checkerboard - a fashionable Christmas tree made of porcelain stoneware.

As a white rabbit - a beautiful kitchen.

Magic forest - fabulous flowers.

In general, it turned out bright  and, even slightly extravagant, the interior with its own character and history.

ash wind

One of the new projects. Apartment 140 sq.m. for the modern active family  with two children  executed in a modern style and modern trends. Lightness and airiness does not prevent the interior from being stylish and does not get tired.

art object

The project was created as a large art object. It combines glamor and severity of lines at the same time.

A bright accent according to the idea was a must in the interior.

The kitchen was chosen as it.

An extravagant golden brick wall and bathroom complement the bold design of the entire interior.

The project has been nominated for a prestigious international competition. 

colored apartment

This project is still under development.

But we are already in a hurry to share some of the main elaborated premises.

Apartment for a young family with 3 daughters. 

This project will be filled with COLOR and textures.

More rooms will be added as they become ready!

small forms

A small apartment in a prestigious complex was created for energetic young people who value time and comfort. Quite a versatile option  color scheme does not irritate and disposes to rest

scandinavia in the city

Wonderful apartment project, adapted, in step with the times, in Scandinavian  style for a young family. Traditional colors and clean lines with modern and contemporary design accents.

maxi in mini

This design project differs in that in a one-room apartment of 40 sq.m. we were able to place a kitchen, a living room, a person-out, a full-fledged berth, a wardrobe, a storage area, a bathroom ... How?)

You can compare the accuracy of this project. Renderings and photos  after implementation are presented!

bright accents

This project is distinguished by the minimum number of details and quite austere furniture. But this does not exclude the absence of bright accents and interesting solutions in the interior.


Apartment for  young girl. We managed to make a "Euro-duplex" out of a one-room apartment, highlighting a separate sleeping area  with storage system.

under the sky...

An apartment for a young family on the 22nd floor with a beautiful panoramic view creates a feeling of airiness. This is what I wanted to reflect in the project.

male look at the loft

An apartment with a masculine view of the loft and your home. Calm background and contrasting accents of brick, black gloss and rough textures. Graphic and stylish.

art deco

Apartment for a young family with two children. Modern, stylish, but at the same time, comfortable apartment for living.

White Nights

The apartment in the city of St. Petersburg is designed for a young family with two small children. We have developed  a unique planning solution with a spacious living room with a gallery for personal photos,  bedroom, nursery,   the presence of a gym, hookah and sauna.  

classic  victorian style

Apartment 125  sq.m. in a house with history in the center of Moscow. Rich colors, murals and lots of wood reflect the Victorian era.  

minimal art deco

Apartment 50 sq. m. was originally 1-room. We managed to make it into a 2-room with a very cozy separate bedroom. This interior is quite versatile. Beautiful interior details are especially revealed in a discreet  smoky  noble  background.

female classics 

The project was made for a woman.

The interior, delicate and enveloping in ashy shades, complements the image of the hostess.  

modern yin and yang

Apartment 152  sq.m.

A project that combines feminine and masculine sensations  interior. When the laconism of lines borders on elegant decorative elements.

the same loft

Apartment 145  sq.m.

A bold style for active people!

Apartment in a loft  can be cozy  and functional, even if the family has three children!

light lace

Apartment 163  sq.m.

A project that amazes with its lightness and airiness. Without bright colors and accents, but at the same time "bright" and memorable.

sophisticated art deco

Apartment 240 sq.m.

This project is an example of how sophisticated an Art Deco style can be, without bright contrasts of colors and shapes.


fusion style apartment

This is a project for combining 2 small apartments.

The successful layout made it possible to separate the living area and sleeping areas.

This project gives an idea of how you can combine the incongruous both in finishing materials and in the style and shape of furniture.

apartment for a lady

The apartment was created for a woman of mature age.

Proof that it doesn't matter how large the apartment is and how high the ceilings are. Any space can be competently built and decorated.

This project is in the usual typical layout of a panel house.

The image reflects the thoughts and soul of the hostess.

The interior is airy, rather romantic. 

Its main share falls on the classic image. But this is just a stylization.

Calm colors with bright, maybe unexpected, color accents.

apartment for the older generation

Older people strive to preserve traditions and instill them in us.

This project was created for an elderly intelligent couple.

Restrained classics are always in fashion and price.

apartment with elements of provence


Apartment 110 sq.m. with ceilings 2.7 m.

This project was created contrary to the opinion that the Provence style is only for the home.

An example of how you can combine light classics with elements of Provence in an ordinary apartment. This style allowed the windows to embody the floor, which gives  lightness to the interior.


classics in the city

Apartment 130 sq.m.

This project was carried out and implemented in the initially intricate layout of the apartment.

They managed to create cozy spaces from numerous angular outlines.

The interior turned out to be festive, but at the same time, it does not burden with its splendor.

little minimalism

Apartment 60 sq.m.

An example of how you can make a stylish apartment in minimalism within a small budget.

Simple laconic forms are collected in intricate compositions, which gives this interior variety.

eco-style in the city

Apartment 45 sq.m.

A very interesting and no longer new trend in interior design.

Natural and natural materials are relevant. Very suitable for small apartments.

This style is very popular with young couples who are starting to live separately.

Why not?..

apartment in art deco

Apartment 90 sq.m. in a Stalinist house.

The very atmosphere of this house at home requires something.

I did not want to design a heavy classics and is not appropriate in a family with three children. A project that was lighter in content and perception was created and implemented.


apartment 2 in 1

Small apartment 45 sq.m.

It would seem, how can you make a kitchen, living room and sleeping area on this square?

It turns out that you can find a compromise and zonal proportions.

The project is designed in a modern style with oriental accents.

gentle classics

Apartment 100 sq.m.

In this project, classical forms and techniques were applied in small volumes.

A small office is highlighted, but at the same time it does not cause a feeling of constraint due to transparent glass and light shades.

The whole apartment is made in a single color scheme - creamy vanilla shades with the addition of ash blue. 

small forms

Apartment 40 sq.m.

It is always difficult to work with small spaces.

It is necessary to place a lot of zones, but at the same time to preserve the space, as if to "push apart" the walls and maximize the space by saturating it, at the same time, with the maximum functionality.

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