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Таун хаусы и дома
house AR DECO

House in the AR DECO style.

The project is distinguished by the unity of style and concept in its diversity!

Each room is unique and created individually for each of its inhabitants. 


The house is designed in the SHINUAZRI style. It is a complex but amazing style that originated in Europe in the 17th century. Chinatown ... in translation. It contains and combines materials and colors sometimes incompatible at first glance with Chinese flavor. But, so it is interesting.

colored house

The large house is designed and almost finished with fantasy images. The main idea, design of the project, is the presence of color. The house turned out to be "juicy" and bright, pleasing to the eye.

loft in the city

The town house is designed in the spirit of abstraction with elements of a modern loft. All floors are imbued with dynamics and movement. Emphasis on unexpected lighting and illusion can be seen in every room and element.


Town house for a young family with two children was designed and implemented  in a modern style with bright accents.

house of female energy


Private house 700 sq.m.

The project is based on an intuitive understanding of the interior  and energy of the hostess. Feminine and soft, the interior is filled with meaningful details.

male interior


Private house.

Solid and discreet interior ... like a masculine character. Everything is subject to logic and practicality! 

And the billiard room is cozy and brutal at the same time.

town house
"white white"

Townhouse with an area of 150 sq.m.

In this interior, each room contains white in various proportions. This is no coincidence. Initially, the wish was to make the entire interior white. As a result of the work, color compromises and more interesting solutions were found.

provence in the house

House 175 sq.m. from a bar.

To preserve the beauty of the material of the house, a technique was applied, with the help of which the walls act as a noble background, calm in shade.

Contrasting and color accents have been placed in all rooms, which have become even more advantageous against the background of wood.

in the town house

Town house 150 sq.m. initially managed to increase by 50 sq.m. due to the height of the last attic floor.

The height was used for the arrangement of the guest room, 2 levels of rooms.

guest house

Guest house 65 sq.m.

We do not always pay attention to the guest house.

But this is the face of the owner and his hospitality.

This project is an example of how you can make a very cozy, chalet-style house with simple techniques.

house with history

Private house 600 sq.m.

An example of when home is history and family nest.

Every fragment of the interior is dear and loved!

Here everyone will find a cozy corner according to their interests.

home for young

Private house 200  sq.m.

A project that combines the incompatible: classic and modern.

When the classics keep pace with the times!

When style is perceived as play and background ...

When you don't want heavy and mature classics, but you want solid, and at the same time, light and modern  interior.

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